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News Nosgoth Enters Open Beta

Nosgoth Enters Open Beta


Psyonix and Square Enix recently announced that their highly anticipated Humans vs. Vampires PvP MMO Nosgoth has entered Open Beta.

News Elder Scrolls Online Adopting B2P Model

Elder Scrolls Online Adopting B2P Model


Zenimax has announced that their critically acclaimed MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online will be adopting the Buy to Play business model. Right now the game is Pay to Play, with the B2P transition scheduled for March 17th for the PC.

News Heroes of The Storm Gets Founder’s Pack
News H1Z1 First Hackers Detected

H1Z1 First Hackers Detected


H1Z1 launched less than a week ago and there have already been many reports of hacking. There was also a GIF posted on the MMORPG forum to back up the claim.

News H1Z1 Launching Today

H1Z1 Launching Today


The day has finally come, H1Z1 will be entering Early Access TODAY.

News Heroes of the Storm Entering Closed Beta