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Swordsman Online Now Officially Launched

Earlier this week Perfect World Entertainment announced the official launch of Swordsman Online. The game was officially launched on July 29, 2014 in North America and Europe.


Firefall Launching Officially

Red 5 Studios has announced that their free to play MMO Shooter Firefall has exited the Beta Testing phase and is in full retail release as of today, July 29th. The game is available in North America, Europe, and Australia.


Rise of Incarnates Closed Beta Date Revealed

During the San Diego Comic Con, Bandai Namco revealed their upcoming 2 vs 2 Fighting game Rise of Incarnates. The game will be in Closed Beta from August 8th – August 18th.


Wakfu Introducing Mounts to The Game

With the recent transition from Pay to Play to Free to Play, WAKFU has quickly grown in population. To accompany the F2P transition, Ankama also introduced customizable mounts.


Smite LAN Pro League Starting Soon

With the European Pro League Kick-Off LAN tournament for SMITE coming to it’s conclusion, it’s time for the North American league to start. The top 4 teams in NA will meet in Atlanta, Georgia to fight for the $50,000 prize on Saturday, August 9th.

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